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Supporting Educators & Students, Strengthening Relationships

A Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning Program for Middle and High Schools

"If something doesn't go my way or the outcome isn't what I want...if it's not something super important then okay, it's not the end of the world, it's going to be fine...I try to just take a few deep breaths and just move on from it."

- 9th Grade Be CALM Student Participant

Mindfulness is...

Pressing the Pause, on purpose, and 

Tuning In to the present moment

with a Curious and

Kind attitude.

Making Mindfulness Meaningful

The Be CALM Program is a mindfulness-based Social-Emotional Learning program for 6th - 9th graders with two levels (6th/7th and 8th/9th) of developmentally-appropriate curriculum that consist of 16 (45-minute) weekly lessons each. Our program builds educators' capacity for mindful teaching and compassionate engagement with students to support them in learning and applying social-emotional skills in the classroom and beyond. 


Our research-based program was developed with users in mind. We focus on teachers' as well as students' wellbeing, and program developers provide ongoing support within a professional learning community to enhance program sustainability. 

What is the Evidence?

The Be CALM Program has been delivered to over 2000 North Carolina secondary students from predominantly rural areas. Two evaluations suggest that trained teachers increase use of support strategies with students and experience decreased teaching stress. Students report being better able to regulate their emotions,cope with stress, and resolve conflict. Teachers also identified improvements in students' prosocial behaviors and academic motivation. 

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"I was a tough nut to crack with mindfulness, but it was a success. Now I start everyday with mindfulness."

- Middle School Counselor Participant


We offer on-site trainings for schools that are interested in implementation across one or more grade levels with at least 10 staff participants. 

Our Unique Approach


Building capacity for mindful teaching with intentionality, awareness, and curiosity. Promoting relationships with students that support their skill development.


Focusing on application of mindfulness to situations that are relevant to educators and students. Giving educators and students choice and flexibility to find what works best for them.

School House July 2022.heic


Coaching students to apply SEL skills in real time to manage stress, difficult peer-to-peer interactions, and other situations as they arise.


Making learning and instructional methods active and student-focused. Using an inquiry-based approach to guide reflections and discussions.

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