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Supporting Self-Regulation Skills

Resources for helping adolescents develop the skills they need for regulating their thoughts and emotions, managing stress, solving problems, sticking with their goals, and building healthy relationships.

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Listening Matters

Sometimes the best way to help your adolescent is by simply listening. Read this New York Times article Why Teenagers Reject Parents' Solutions to Their Problems for some helpful advice about what to do the next time your child comes to you with a problem.

The Center for Parent & Teen Communication offers practical, science-based strategies for strengthening family connections and building youth prepared to thrive. It is FULL of research-based resources for caretakers and teens, including a comprehensive stress management plan teens can build on the site.

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Adolescent Brain Development

Neuroscientists are learning more about adolescent brain development everyday and why adolescence is such an opportune time of brain development for developing healthy lifelong skills. In this video, Dr. Dan Siegel explains the remodeling that is happening in the adolescent brain.

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