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Mindfulness for Strengthening Self-Regulation Skills

Resources to help adults and adolescents Press the Pause, Tune In to the present moment, and Check It Out with a Curious and Kind attitude.

Resources for Learning More about Mindfulness

Teen Voices: The Power of a Mindful Education

A powerful video of teens talking about how mindfulness has helped them deal with significant, real-life struggles.

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Why Aren't We Teaching You Mindfulness?

This TedEx talk by Annemarie Rossi is one that adults and youth can relate to. She delivers a compelling case for teaching mindfulness to all students.

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Everyday Mindfulness

This is a fantastic and easy-to-understand explanation of what mindfulness is, done in animation form from About Kids Health.

Resources for Practicing Mindfulness

Image by Fabian Møller

Mindful Breath-Counting Exercise

This Mindful Breath-Counting Exercise comes from the magazine Mindful's website. A short article introduces the practice, and there is a guided audio embedded. The written exercise is also included.

Image by Kuo-Chiao Lin

The Mindful Teen

Dr. Dzung Vo is the author of The Mindful Teen (2015). He has made 11 guided meditations available on his website, and they were created especially for teens.

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Stop, Breathe, Think

This FREE app guides you through a check in to find out how you are feeling and then offers you a choice of mindfulenss practices to do based on your feedback. AND you can choose between different voices. 

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